Global Pillow Fight


It is now official


It has a website


The date is set


July 28th 2007


a bloodless evolution


we do not need money


for this action


just our pillows


just our planet


for a fight to end all war


make our feelings and ideas




upon the place we brew our




so we know that there is space


to be heard


a currency of understanding


 will be created


to finance our evolution


in the heat of our battle


The unity of heart will pump


the diversity of our freedom


beyond the dictates


 of symbolism


and back again



to the many sparkly pleasures


of our twinkly toes


that will walk


the walk of kindness


with effortless perfection


towards our selves



Hand Dream

ps There is going to be

another one

 next year






18 Responses to “Global Pillow Fight”

  1. equanimity says:

    Big apology to Kate my collaborator. I am afraid I accidentally vaporised
    your comment.
    To you and the rest of the world please add more.

  2. Kate says:

    Hi equanimity,

    Feel free to vaporise me anytime, I will eventually condense again!

    I was quoting you in fact –

    “A hopeful mixture of the sublime and verbal acupuncture to calm a troubled world. ”

    You were describing some of your other work, but it seemed to sum up the essence of
    The Global Pillow Fight message too.

    Yours in hope of global healing,

  3. aptcomment says:

    Pillows and their potential.
    It is the right of every man woman and child to own a pillow under which they can state their position and meet their human adversaries face to face in order to realise it was all just a game anyway.

    The Health and Safety Executive should be present at the day of the Pillow Fight in order to ensure the wearing of safety helmets and the filling out of numerous forms.

  4. keepontriking says:

    Hi. The pillows are puffed up, and accepting our thoughts and ideas
    Hopefully they will be ready in time.

    John B

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